If you are interested in importing our machines, please be sure to contact us at the following email address for inquiry or order-placement.

When you order any of our machines, First, contact us to confirm the availability of the product you would like to purchase. Second, if you order is in our inventory, please remit the payment to our bank account as the first step, then we ship your order within one (1) week after your payment confirmed.

Our exporting delivery term is always based on F.O.B Japan. So, any of our machines to be transported to your country shall be properly covered by your own insurance. We are not responsible for any compensations or reimbursement arising from any accidents which may happen on our machines during transported.

We, Agri Co., LTD, are the largest kiwi fruits grower in Japan. We grow kiwi fruits and manage the cultivation of them in a land of as large as 60hetare. At the same time, we handle in various types of high-quality equipment or machines needed for growing kiwis. They are also designed for exporting. So, if you are interested in any of them, please feel free to contact us for more details.