Low cost pollen production in Japan.

Artificial Breeding Machines for Fruits Tree Pollens.

For better quality of fruits and higher productivity.

Artificial Breeding Machines for Fruits Tree Pollens

  • How can we rationalize the long process of cultivating good fruit? Putting this question into mind, our company started good developing apparatuses that will help farmers carry out a series of works concerning pollination more efficiently. We will make further improvement to our artificial fruit-tree pollinating series, which have attracted great attention from countries abroad.

Work Process and Contents of Artificial Breeding

1. Pick Flowers
Pick up flowers when their buds start to open and their stamen start to show.
2. Drop stamens
Drop stamens from flowers.

”Stamen Picker / MK-600 , MK-402 , POPP-SX2
3. Sieve Stamens
Sort out flower leaves and petals mixed from stamens.
4. Sort Pedicels
In this process,small flower petals and strings that cannot be cleared off by the sieve are removed.

”Pedicel Separator / KBS-6
Cultivate Stamens
Stamens are heated to make them open.

”Stamen Cultivator / M-600D , M-300D
Separate Pollens
Sort out pollens attached with opened stamens,and process them into pure pollens.

”Pollen Separator / PSM-5
Increase Q'ty by Mixing
Mix pollens and Lycopodium powders to increase the Q'ty.
8. Breeding
Get opened pistil of stigma pollinated.

”Breeding Machines'Models / New Pollen Duster

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