Anther-extracting Machine

KBS-6 Model

KBS-6 ModelKBS-6 Model

This Separator properly removes very fine refuses and flower filaments,which pass the meshes of the sieve,resultind in 10% or 30% reduction in the total quantity comparing to the only-sieve separation.This slso results in helping stamens open more effectively.So,this process improves the stamen-opening rate and germination rate.


KBS-6Just put the roughly selected anther into the hopper.


KBS-6About 10%-30% of unnecessary particles are removed.

Specifications ; Anther-extracting Machine KBS-6
Model KBS-6
Size/Dimentions L 80 x W 40 x H 68 cm
Weight 25Kg
Motor 100V-25W
Processing Speed 6.4 litters
Equipments (natural anther) 22litters/h