Anther-extracting Machine

M-600D / M-300D


New Stamen Cultivators have appeared,featuring the Most Advabced Mechanism in the 21st Century.Easy operation with digtaldevices,One-Touch Operation for setting temperature.Safety further elevated and their processing capabilities have been further improved!!

If you want to treat your precious pollens,Mitsuwa's Stamen Cultivators must be the first priority.Mitsuwa's Stamen Cultivators are developed by over 40 years'wonderful experiences and trusted by nationwide users in Japan.Mitsuwa'sStamen Cultivators produce an excellent level of pollens with high safety and germination rate.

Standard duration until stamen is opened.

Apple--24~26 (h) Kiwi--10~15 (h) Pear--24~26 (h) Plum and Peach --24~26 (h)

Specifications ; Anther-extracting Machine M-600 / M-300D
Model M600-D M300-D
Size/Dimentions L 73 x W 96 x H 117 cm L 56 x W 77 x H 98 cm
Weight 70Kg 50kg
Dimentions of dish 38 x 62 x 2 cm 28 x 46 x 2 cm
Number of rungs & dishes 14 layer x 2 row=28 sheets 11 layerx2row=22sheets
Number of natural anther Maximum7,000cc Muximum3,500cc
Temperature control Electric Control
Moisture adjustment Continuous inhaling & exhausting system by heating fan
Heater 100v-750w
Fan 100v-25w
Timer Electric timer(for 36 hours)
Flouresent light 100v-6w
Safety device Tripple fuse/Cercuit control for maximum temperature


Stamen Cultivator always takes in air outside and heat the air to warm the stamens inside. So, as the temperature of outside air is lower, the heater runs for longer hours. If the temperature of the outside air is too low, the temperature inside the machine may not reach the necessary level even if the heater keeps running. Therefore, you are recommended to use this machine at a properly warm area indoor the house for saving electricity and more effective operation.